What I can do for you:

My skills mean Im able to write a wide spread of copy. Just let me know whatever copy you require, even if its not on this list, by contacting me here.

Copy for websites landing and lister pages SEO rich copy where necessary web ads headlines and catchlines video scripts for websites blogs email marketing ebooks 

Press releases features and articles copy for advertisement campaigns and advertorials newsletters bulletins sales brochures and letters information brochures and letters written training guides scripts product labelling proofreading speech writing

Brochures company newsletters magazines supplements 

Radio adverts audio guides podcast scripts video scripts


If you are looking for clear content, words which work hard for you, and words which strike a chord with your customers, then youre at the right place.

Copywriting is a real skill. Its not just about throwing some words together and seeing what happens. Its about crafting copy that really thinks about who it is aimed at, and its about crafting copy to work hard for you in internet search engines.

If youve got some copywriting, or SEO work you need help with, then Im your man. Ive recently completed work on a multi-million pound ecommerce site that is soaring as a result of investing in the quality of copy they are producing.
And I could help you soar, too, with compelling copy that strikes a chord. You'll be happy because your customers are happy and your brand has been boosted

Im happy to rewrite and refresh, or totally start from scratch. Its up to you.


Ive spent the majority of my working life thinking about and improving the way in which words and design work together. Get it wrong and it can end up being an instant turn-off. Get it right and it can have a massive impact. Like a shop window, a nicely designed brochure or information pack, for example, can entice. Combine that with strong customer-focused copy and you have a powerful marketing tool.

With more than 10 years' design experience and 13 years of experience writing and editing copy for national publications, I can offer you a fully bespoke service, from initial idea right through to the final printed product.


I've worked in newspapers for a substantial part of my career. I know what makes a good story. More than that, I know what editors are looking for. I know what makes them tick. I know how to spark their interest. And because I know all of that, I could help you get the exposure you require.

If you want a press release rewriting, or written from scratch, I can craft it in a way that will appeal to the media.

If you want to shout about your business, but dont have the right voice, let me do the talking.


Why ruin any hard work that you have created with a wrongly spelt word, or a slip in punctuation? Its pretty easy to miss errors in self-written copy, because our eyes often see what you know you should have written, not what has actually been said. But proofreading isnt just about picking up those misspelt words. A good proofreader will check punctuation, grammar and sentence structure, style, facts and figures within text and that the general feel of your copy reads well for the audience it is intended for.

Your computer spellchecker is helpful, of course, but not to be relied upon. Does your computer know the difference between compliment and complement, for example? And a computer grammar check can be downright dangerous for anyone wanting spot-on copy.

I offer a full proofreading service, not just a quick glance over. Eagle-eyed, nothing will get past me, and whether its an A4 letter, or a 10,000-word manuscript, you will get the same level of dedication and service.


Prices for services differ, depending on the size of the job.
Please contact me for a chat.


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